Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Jewelry Giveaway for December 2013: Blue Mexican Opal, Swarovski Crystal Earrings and Necklace

The jewelry giveaway for December features lovely medium to light blue Mexican opal small coin beads, flanked by Blue Swarovski crystals and silver plated accent beads.  The earrings are long, 3-6/8 inches and have lots of movement.

The ear wires are .925 sterling silver, but they can be changed to either clip-on or sterling finished surgical steel. Just let me know if need them changed.

The necklace features the same pattern and is all sterling silver plated with lobster claw clasp. It measures, with the extension up to 20 inches.

This jewelry giveaway is available to only United States residents, 18 and over, void where prohibited.  It will begin December 1 at 1 p.m. and end December 31 at 11:00 p.m. EST.

You can enter via the form below, or visit if the form does not display for some reason (use the red ribbon giveaway tab at the top of the page).

Best wishes and thanks for participating!

Gemstone Chip Dangle Earrings in Sterling Silver Plate - New Penny Auctions

Gemstone chip dangle earrings are one of my most popular items and I have just added 3 styles to the Penny Auction category. Normally $3.49 to $4.99, bidding will start on the below dangle earrings at .01 and the buyer pays $2.50 for shipping. I provide a free organza gift bag.

If you have never participated in an auction on eBay, they are really easy, and plenty of fun, too. First you need to have an eBay account, which is free. I always suggest starting your bidding with your best bid and then eBay will bid on your behalf should there be competition. You always have the option to increase your top bid if you like.

I hope you'll give Penny auctions a try. I am just mailing out today a pair of multicolor turquoise earrings that sold for....1 penny. There was no other bidding on the item, so you might be able to get a lovely pair of gemstone chips earrings for a total of $2.51.

Here are the gemstone chips earrings that I just added.  Each is in sterling silver plate, with silver accent beads at the top and bottom of the chips.

Just click on each picture to go directly to that item. These auctions will be ending on the evening of December 19, 2013.

Blue Howlite in Sterling Silver Plate

Clear Quartz Sterling Silver Plated

Blackstone and White Howlite Sterling Silver Plated

That is the roundup of the most current additions. I'll be adding more penny auctions as I want to build up this category as I have quite a number of fixed price items. You can visit the store at and you'll see until year end I have marked down the majority of items 25% as well. Happy Holidays!

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Top 5 Natural Ingredients For Common Skin Ailments
Every woman desires beautiful skin. If you have acne, eczema, rosacea, or psoriasis, you know how difficult it is to find a product that really works, and one that does not make your condition worse.

There are five natural ingredients that are all superior for dealing with all types of skin ailments. They are best suited for eczema, rosacea, psoriasis, acne, sensitive skin, dry skin, mature skin, combination skin, oily skin and skin that has been sunburned. They are:

  1. Aloe Vera: Aloe Vera has antiseptic, antifungal and anti-bacterial properties and you can use Aloe Vera Gel to treat all kind of skin issues like sunburn, eczema, rosacea, psoriasis, acne, dry skin, patchy skin etc. 
  2. Extra Virgin Coconut Oil: Virgin coconut oil is a wonderful oil with lauric acid, an acid which is found in breastmilk. It can be used on all sorts of skin problems. Just make sure that you use an organic extra virgin coconut oil.
  3. Neem: Neem is an herb which has been used for more than 5000 years to treat skin issues. Mix 8-10 drops of Neem oil (note it has a very strong smell) with 1 tablespoon of carrier oil and massage the affected area, or use 1 tablespoon Neem powder with some honey and use on the affected area.
  4. Raw Honey: Raw honey is an amazing superfood. It has anti-fungal, anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties and is an ideal skin food. Use raw honey in all of your facial masks, hair masks, body masks. You can also take it internally to reap its benefits.
  5. Epsom Salt: You probably are familiar with this one. Epsom Salt is rich in Magnesium and it helps to calm down redness and inflammation of the skin. Use it as a bath soak or use it in your facial masks to heal eczema, rosacea, psoriasis, acne and other skin issues. 
These 5 natural ingredients can make a world of difference in when used in skin care recipes to treat eczema, psorias, acne, etc., such as the ones detailed here: DIY Skin Care Recipes and Beauty Secrets.

Monday, December 16, 2013

Save BIG with Penny Auctions Ending 12/16/2013

I am going to focus on adding more penny auction in the coming days. Take advantage of these incredible deals and save big when you bid on a penny auction item from jacgems on eBay. The winner of the auction will pay shipping ($2.50), and if they win more than 1 item, they can combine within 7 days and pay reduced shipping (.75 cents) each item.

Here is how bidding works. Let's say, for example, you want to bid on 2 items. I would suggest placing your best bid to start with and eBay will automatically bid on your behalf when another individual places a bid. Perhaps, you bid .25 cents on both items. On item one, you are the only bidder and get the item for .01. On item 2, someone else places a bid for .10, but eBay bids on your behalf and you win the item for .11, without any action on your part. You will pay 12 cents for the 2 items and $2.50 in shipping for the first and .75 cents shipping for the second. Your total for these lovely handmade earrings will be a total of $6.37, far less than you would pay for 1 pair of retail earrings made with natural gemstones.

Right now, you can bid on yellow multicolor turquoise, blue multicolor turquoise, and silver plated hoops with a drop of black Czech faceted beads that sparkle as they turn in the light.  These auctions end tonight, just after 10 p.m. EST, 12/16/2013. You can click on any of the below pictures to visit the store.

Don't delay to take advantage of these penny auction and experience great savings (plus, have some fun at the same time). Here are 2 fashion sets featuring the multicolor Turkey Turquoise.
Get started right now by visiting the following link: jacgems on eBay.  As I said, I am going to be adding more Penny Auctions over the coming days, and will do so on a regular basis. Bookmark and visit the Penny Auction category frequently. Subscribe to the blog (upper right hand corner) to receive special updates, such as this one.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Natural Gemstone Chip Bracelets - Save 25% During the Year End Sale!

One of the latest trends in wrist wear is mixing and stacking bracelets of various styles and materials. My gemstone chip stretch bracelets, in a wide variety, a perfect to wear alone or to mix with other bracelets. For example, you might combine the rose quartz stretch bracelet with silver bangles, a watch and other bracelets that feature pink or white.

Visit my store, jacgems on Ebay, and all sale items are featured top left. Prices start under $5, including shipping and gift bag! The regular bracelets also have silver plated accent beads interspersed throughout.

Here is a list of the gemstone chips bracelets that are currently available (from left to right as pictured):

1.  Watermelon Quartz.
2.  Labradorite (premium/unisex).
3.  White Howlite.
4.  Indian Agate.
5.  Black Stripe Agate.
6.  Blue Sodalite.
7.  Eclectic Mix.
8.  Rose and Clear Quartz.
9.  Malachite (premium).
10.  Fancy Jasper.
11.  Rose Quartz.
12.  Dark Tiger's Eye (unisex)
13.  Clear Quartz.
14.  Blue Howlite.
15.  Garnet (premium, unisex, see below).

I can't resist showing a few more fashion sets where I have featured gemstone chip bracelets:

I hope you will take advantage of these incredible savings on gemstone chip stretch bracelets. You can visit the store by clicking on any picture, or the following link: There is plenty of time to get them before Christmas and they would make a lovely stocking stuffer for a teen or young adult, or adult of any age. Again prices, start under $5, including shipping and gift bag, and all sale items are featured top left of the store.

Monday, December 2, 2013

Year-End Sale 2013 - Save 25% on Selected Handcrafted Earrings, Bracelets and Sets

I am excited to have just created a new sale, a year-end sale, whereby you can save a whopping 25% on selected items (44 plus), including handcrafted earrings, handmade stretch bracelets featuring natural gemstones, and handcrafted earrings and bracelet sets. The sale will run from 12/2 at 12:00 p.m. EST to December 31 at 11 p.m. EST.

Some items are ALL .925 sterling silver. Other are silver plated with .925 sterling silver hooks, and others are sterling silver plated or gold plated for incredible value. I use natural gemstones, and love working with gemstone chips.

You will find that shipping and an organza gift bag are included in your purchase. Here are a few examples of items being discounted 25% off.

Click on any of the below pictures to visit the store. All sale items are featured top left.

1.  Kidney Wire Earrings. These long earrings are very secure, and popular, and available in a number of gemstones: Black onyx, aquamarine, amethyst, striped turkey turquoise, blue multicolor turkey turquoise, manmade malachite, Sri Lanka moonstone, and others.

2. Gemstone Stretch Bracelets.  These are available in a variety of styles, with silver plated spacer beads interspersed for a unique look, perfect for mixing and stacking with other bracelets. Choose from: fancy jasper, howlite, watermelon quartz, Indian agate, clear quartz and others.  These measure 7.5 inches.

You'll also find premium gemstone chip bracelets, such as Garnet, Malachite and Labradorite. Note larger sizes are unisex (8-8.5).

3. Gemstone sets featuring earrings and matching bracelet.  Some feature .925 silver hooks, others are all silver plated. The description will specify exactly which, such as silver plated copper, which is lead and nickel free.

This is just a sampling of items. Please visit the store at to shop the entire selection. Remember, the discount of 25% still includes free shipping and organza gift bag.

P.S. Be sure to subscribe to the blog so you are informed of new sales and giveaways. If you have not entered the December giveaway, please do so!

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Jewelry Giveaway for November 2013: Green Aventurine Earrings and Bracelet Set

The jewelry giveaway for November is a set that features Green Aventurine natural gemstone beads. The earrings measure a total length of 2-6/8 inches. Large Green Aventurine gemstone beads (13mm) and smaller Green Aventurine beads (5mm) are used. In the earrings, the large bead is flanked by the smaller, as well as silver plated accent beads, the wire hand wrapped, and then attached to 35mm silver plated kidney wires.

The stretch bracelet measures 7.5 inches and large and small beads alternate, except where I knot the stretch cord, which is also glued to be extra secure. 
This set is perfect for fall and I am sure you will find many occasions to wear it. All findings are sterling silver plated.

This jewelry giveaway is available to only United States residents, 18 and over, void where prohibited.  It will begin November 1 at 8:00 p.m. and end November 30 at 11:00 p.m. EST.

You can enter via the form below, or visit if the form does not display for some reason (use the red ribbon giveaway tab at the top of the page).

Best wishes and thanks for participating!

Free Pair of Blackstone Chip Dangle Earrings with Purchase of $10 or More!

When you purchase a total of $10 or more from my store, jacgems on eBay, you can receive a complimentary pair of Blackstone gemstone chip dangle earrings in sterling silver plate, with free ear guards as well. Just leave a note with your purchase or message me thru eBay that you would like your free pair of earrings.

This is in addition to the 15% off sale that has been running month long, and yesterday I added approximately another 11 items to the sale, for a total of 27 items, with some multi-variation listings (such as the kidney wire earrings). Why pay high mall or boutique prices for these long and stylish earrings. If you missed the post regarding those items, visit: Kidney Wire Long Earrings with Gemstones and Crystals: 15% Off Jewelry Sale for November.

So, take advantage of these incentives and discounts and treat yourself, or someone you care about, with the gift of unique, handcrafted jewelry. My items feature primarily natural gemstones and you will find both all sterling silver, items with sterling silver hooks only, and silver and gold plate. I have been sure to include something for every budget.

Here is an picture that incorporates the Blackstone gemstone chip earrings. Black goes with virtually everything and I know that I personally wear a lot of black and they are one of my favorite pairs. They are perfect with casual to relaxed office attire, as shown.

If you have not already done so, please subscribe to the blog by providing your email at the top right so you will be first to hear of sales, discounts and giveaways.

Visit the store at, spend $10 or more, and let me know you want your free pair of Blackstone gemstone chip dangle earrings.

Monday, November 25, 2013

Kidney Wire Long Earrings with Gemstones and Crystals: 15% Off Jewelry Sale for November

Do you like long earrings? I have placed multiple kidney wire earrings on sale, 15% off, for the month of November. Regularly priced at $9.99, you can get them now for $8.49! Shipping and an organza gift bag are both included in this incredible price.

The silver or gold plated kidney wire measures 35mm and the dangle with natural gemstones and crystals adds additional length, just under 3 inches total.

You can select from the following styles:
  • Black Onyx Oval with Swarovski Crystals
  • Black Twisted Onyx with White Jade
  • Sri Lanka Moonstone with Clear Crystal Bicones
  • Sri Lanka Moonstone with Blue Crystal Bicones
  • Multicolor Blue Turkey Turquoise with Abacus Beads
  • Baceted Blue Aquamarine with Green or Clear Swarovski Crystals
  • and others....

I'd like to show a few of them below, the first Black Onyx oval with Swarovski crystals:
Save 15% on these Malachite Long Kidney Wire Earrings

Featured here is Sri Lanka Moonstone and Blue Bicones:
And here is twisted black onyx with white jade, great black and white combo:

Extra long Rose Jade and Rose Quartz combine here:

These long dangle earrings featuring gemstones and/or gemstone accent or crystals are sale priced at $8.49 and shipping is FREE.  They are perfect for gift giving and will arrive in an organza gift bag. Simply tuck the pouch it into a small paper gift bag, nestled and covered in tissue paper, for an attractive presentation.

This is just a sampling of the styles that are available during this jewelry sale. Visit this link: Long Kidney Wire Earrings to see them all, or click on any of the above pictures.

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Citrine and Pearls and the Little Black Dress: Showcasing November's Birthstone

Citrine and topaz are both birthstones for November. Citrine is one of the less expensive gemstones and is known for it's sunny yellow to golden color. In this glamorous fashion set, I selected a pair of sparkling long natural citrine earrings that fall in a cascade of beautiful golden color, ending with the elegance of pearls.

The earrings are in silver. The necklace features citrine and diamonds, set in both silver and yellow gold. I enjoyed mixing both silver and gold in this fashion set. Here is a close up view of the necklace:
The little black dress provides the perfect backdrop for this golden yellow gemstone. Black crinkled patent leather platform pumps with stiletto heels lengthen the leg.

For the wrist, I adorned it with both a citrine and freshwater pearl bracelet, and an all pearl bracelet as well. This mirrors the combination of citrine and pearl in the dramatic earrings. Below is a larger view of the citrine and FW pearl bracelet (note this bracelet comes in quite a few other natural gemstones as well):

The jacket complements the golden jewelry and provides contrast to the black dress, protecting the shoulders from the chill going in and out. A black and golden clutch ties the entire look together.

Here are the shopping links to the items in this fashion set (visit the web site from Pinterest).

Citrine and Pearl Earrings $43.86 (save 105) 
Silver and Gold Citrine Necklace $45 (save 54):
Pearl bracelet A quality $29 (save 51):
Citrine and FW pearl bracelet $40 (save 32):
Crinkled patent leather pumps $28.74:

If you would like to price the clothing, simply click on the picture of the fashion set and that will take you to Polyvore, where you can price (and shop).

I hope you liked this set!

Monday, November 4, 2013

Crinkled Patent Leather Platform Pumps with Stiletto Heels...Fashionable and Affordable!

The moment I saw these platform pumps of crinkled patent leather I fell in love with them! They are so stylish and the colors are just perfect. While classic black is one of the colors available, my eye was drawn to the rather unusual and unique selection of orange, green and purple (yes, purple!).

I am a thrifty shopper. I rarely buy designer clothing. So, I next fell in love with the price tag of these patent leather pumps. Could $28.74 really be correct? For this style and quality? Yes, you can get a pair of these lovely stiletto pumps that look like they cost far, far more for less than $30.

Which Shoe? Crinkled Patent Leather Pumps

With such lovely pumps to work with, ideas for fashion sets began to form. My first one featured (you guessed it) the purple.  Here it is:

Purple, Pink and Black Night Out

This set features a pair of the earrings I did for Breast Cancer Awareness month. A donation of 20% will go the American Breast Cancer Foundation when they sell, as well as other selected pink items. Here are the shopping links (visit web site from the Pinterest link for Amazon products):

Pink jade and Swarovski crystal earrings. $9.99 incl ship/gift bag US
Pumps: Crinkled Patent Leather $28.74
Mommy wig 100% Human Hair $24.99:
Shalimar Perfume:

In the next fashion set, I could not resist designer clothing to go along with the orange crinkled patent leather pumps:

Off to Work Orange and Brown

Here are the shopping links (you can click on the pics above to price the other items):

Orange Crinkled Patent Leather Pumps: $28.74
Tahitian Pearl Earrings:
I have to note that the Tahitian Pearl earrings are just exquisite and, while not a low price item, they are currently on sale with savings in the hundreds.

In the next set, I opted to use the classic black platform pumps:

Black Onyx Earrings with Animal Print Dress Black and White

This set features my black onyx earrings with Swarovski crystal in sterling silver plate. They are part of the November sale of 15% off selected items. So, instead of $9.99, they are $8.49, which includes shipping and gift bag. Here are the shopping links:

Earrings: Black Onyx and Swarovski crystals in silver plate $9.99 incl ship/gift bag.
Celebrity Inspired Dress $19.99:
Crinkled patent leather pumps $28.74:
Wrap Bracelet:

Well, those are the 3 fashion sets featuring these fabulously affordable crinkled patent leather platform pumps.  If you would like to price any of the other items I did not pull out, just click on the title (and link) of the fashion set that appears directly beneath the picture.

Friday, November 1, 2013

October 2013 Blog Fan of the Month

Each month I do a "Fan of the Month" to recognize individuals who are active on my Facebook page, Jacqueline's Gems Handcrafted Jewelry on Facebook..  With Facebook's new settings, engagement from fans is even more important. The more people who like, comment and share posts means more people will actually get to SEE my posts. So engagement is critical and something I want to reward. This giveaway is not associated with, sponsored by, or endorsed by Facebook and is not a Facebook giveaway.

I will conduct a drawing from a small group of individuals (10) who have taken the time to like, share or comment noticeably on my page.

If you believe your name is listed below, you need to do the following:

1Send me an email at jacqgems at gmail dot com. 
2.  Respond by Monday, November 4, 11 p.m. EST.

  • Brenda B. 
  • Patricia P. W. (Likes extra entry)
  • MsTasha A.
  • Theresa M. (Comment extra entry)
  • Jeanene R. 
  • Diane G. M.
  • Melissa C.
  • Linda V.
  • Nicole Smith (Shares extra entry) 
  • Dianna T.

The drawing will be conducted of those individuals who respond.

You must be a United States resident to participate, 18+, void where prohibited. The winning individual will not be considered in the month following their win.

Thank you all so very much for being an active fan! It is very hard to select 10 individuals out of the many who comment, like and share. If you were not picked this month, perhaps you will be next month :-)

P.S. The reward will be your choice of gemstone chip earrings in dangle or hoop style.

Congratulations to Theresa Miranda, who selected yellow turquoise beading hoop earrings. Thanks so much for your support!


Thursday, October 31, 2013

Jewelry Giveaway: Blackstone and Silver Plated Accent Beads Stretch Bracelet

This is a short jewelry giveaway featuring Blackstone, one of a selection of stretch bracelets composed of natural gemstone chips and silver (or gold) plated accent beads. Each bracelet is 7.5 inches for an easy and comfortable fit. These are perfect for mixing and stacking with other bracelets, or wearing alone, and a perfect complement to the gemstone chip earrings in various styles that I sell.

You can enter the giveaway by visiting my Facebook Page,, and using the Green and Blue giveaway tab at the very top of the page.

This giveaway will end on 11/01/2013 at 12:00 a.m. Pacific Time. It is open to US residents, 18 and over, void where prohibited.  Click on the picture above to go directly to my Facebook page. Again, use the Blue and Green tab to enter.

Here is the bracelet featured in a fashion set:


These bracelets are also available for purchase in a variety of other gemstone chips, such as Indian Agate, Fancy Jasper, and Yellow Opal, to name a few. They are bargain priced at $5.49, including shipping and gift bag! Visit 

Please share this giveaway with others by posting it on your timeline or inviting others. Best wishes!

White and Black in the Winter: Warmth and Fashion Meet

Fashion rules are meant to be bent, or even broken, and wearing white in the winter is something that is no longer shunned. Of course, winter white has a little yellowing to it, but many whites for winter are more pure white.

White and black paired together is always gorgeous and one of my favorite combinations. In this fashion set I pulled in some rather fun elements (every day doesn't have to be serious) that will look good and provide plenty of warmth for those days that you'd rather be inside.

A white down coat with hood keeps the chill and wind at bay and you can pull the hood up for extra protection, without having to wear a hat, or do both if it is extremely cold.

Underneath, I paired a beautiful long white tunic with asymmetrical hem with black glazed skinny jeans. A chevron scarf at the neck picks up both colors. And, of course, the white boots with faux fur will keep your feet and legs warm.

The giveaway that ends on 11/01, 12:00 a.m. Pacific time, is featured in this fashion set-the blackstone and silver accent stretch bracelet. If you haven't entered already, do so by visiting my Facebook page, and use the Green and Blue tab at the top of the page.

I paired them with my floating blackstone chip earrings, and picked up the dark color on the nails.

I like the end result. How about you? Be sure to leave me a comment. I'll provide the shopping links below:

Blackstone Earrings: $5.49 incl ship/gift bag (US).
Amazon Products (visit web site from Pinterest): 

Down Coat:
Chevron Scarf:
Glazed Jeans:

Just because it's cold, doesn't mean you can't look fabulous :-)

Monday, October 28, 2013

Rose Quartz Handcrafted Jewelry Sale Supports Breast Cancer Screening

Rose Quartz, a light or pale pink, gemstone was my main choice for handcrafted jewelry items to support breast cancer screening for women, who have financial need. As an incentive, the purchaser will save 5% off these selected rose quartz earrings (and other PINK) items plus 20% will be donated to the American Breast Cancer Foundation. Time is of the essence as the sale will end in several days, 10/31/2013.

I had some unique faceted Rose Quartz nuggets, which I used in making a pair of dangle earrings and also a stretch bracelet. I also used Rose Quartz gemstone chips in both (these items are sold separately, not as a set).

Here is a fashion set in which I have included the nugget earrings and stretch bracelet:

The earrings are silver plated and are sale priced at $13.29, and the bracelet is sale priced at $9.49. Just visit the store and all the sale items are featured top left:

Here are the earrings shown with a casual fashion set by another Polyvore designer. (Fashion Pic:

The following Rose Quartz long dangle earrings feature a combination of gemstone chips, round beads, and crystal bicones. All findings are silver plated. These are sale priced at $8.54, again, with 20% going to the American Breast Cancer Foundation.

In this first set, I am showing them along with a hot fashion trend - ripped jeans.

And, in this set I am showing them along with a darling pink coat with black.

These Rose Quartz items are accompanied by other pink items (such as rose jade) and are all featured at the top left of the store. Visit jacgems on eBay today. Remember, the sale will only run until 10/31/2013, however, the 20% donation will continue beyond that on these particular items. Thanks for your support!

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Flannel Shirts and Fall Make for Perfect Companions

As the weather becomes colder, I look forward to wearing flannel shirts. My sister and I both love them, either by themselves or with a jersey or turtleneck underneath. Layering is a must as the temperatures plummet here in Southern New Jersey. Flannel shirts feel so soft to the skin and make me feel warm and cozy!

I found these beautiful Carhartt flannel shirts that come in a wide variety of colors and sizes and are very reasonably priced. They are available through Amazon and are priced from $25 to $45. These shirts are midweight, button up the front and feature two breast pockets with button down flaps. Great style and useful for tucking away something small, such as taking off a ring while you wash dishes.

I put together two fashion sets to show off these flannel shirts. Clicking on the picture will take you to the site. Here is the first:

See Entire Set on Polyvore:
I picked up the pink in this shirt with Rhodonite gemstone chip hoop earrings, in sterling silver plate. They are bargain priced at $3.99, which includes shipping and gift bag. Buy them here:

In this next set, I featured 3 different colored Carhartt flannel shirts. Which combo would you like best?

These flannel shirts are perfect for casual days, school, running errands, shopping, or going out to a casual dinner, movie or other date.  While I've paired them with jeans, they can also go with a skirt and tights. By the way, you can see this set on Polyvore to price the jeans and shoes.

Visit my store to find a pair of natural gemstone chip earrings to match: jacgems on eBay

You can click on each picture to visit the site, or this link:

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Black Onyx Long Dangle Earrings with Red Swarovski Crystals and Black Beads - Random Giveaway Ending 10/20/2013

I put up a new random giveaway yesterday, 9/29, because we achieved an additional 500 Facebook likes prior to the month end giveaway ending. That was pretty close! 

For this random jewelry giveaway, I decided on all .925 sterling silver earrings with lovely Black Onyx oval beads as the focal point. From the bottom, threading on a sterling silver headpin, 2mm sterling silver accent bead, black seed beads, 4mm Swarovski crystal in red, repeat, Black Onyx oval gemstone bead, repeat the pattern and end with another silver accent bead and the wire is hand wrapped. The sterling silver ear wires are dot style and earrings guards will be included, and these long dangle earrings will be packaged in an organza gift bag.

This jewelry giveaway is open to United States residents, 18 and over, void where prohibited. The drawing will take place at 12:00 a.m. Pacific time on 10/20/2013.

                                             How to Enter
  •  Visit my Facebook page Jacqueline's Gems Handcrafted Jewelry.(log in if you are not already).
  •  Enter using the Blue and Green giveaway tab at the top of the page.
  •  Please share the giveaway on your timeline and help spread the word. You will gain an additional entry whenever someone uses your unique link. 

I would also like to mention that though you like my Facebook page, to see more of my posts, you need to select the option "show in news feed" which is under the like button. On average, less than 10% of posts are shown in the news feed of fans. 

For that reason, it is also extremely important that you subscribe to the blog so you do not miss important updates, new giveaways, etc. You can do that by simply providing your email address in the space provided at the top right, in my sidebar.

Best wishes and I welcome you in advance as a new fan of Jacqueline's Gems Handcrafted Jewelry on Facebook! To my existing fans, thanks so much for your continued participation and support!