Monday, March 25, 2013

Artisan Handcrafted Jewelry - ADORA by Simona

I am so pleased to introduce you to an acquaintance and artisan, Simona Counts, jewelry designer and the owner of ADORA by Simona. Her background is quite interesting in that she is originally from Romania and worked as a runway model for many years, then acquired a law degree and relocated to California.  In 2012, her love and passion for creating beautiful jewelry inspired her to quit working in the legal profession to pursue her dream full-time, with building ADORA by Simona.

Her creations are one of a kind, works of art, and she is often inspired by her love of nature and the stones themselves, which she carefully chooses either at trade shows or during her travels. Bold, dramatic, stylish and original, she works in a number of mediums: 14K gold, 14K gold fill, vermeil (gold over sterling silver), sterling silver, and copper. It was so hard choosing a few of her designs to show you, because they are all so beautiful!

So, I'll begin with a pair of earrings in 14K gold fill with freshwater pearls that she just added to her collection.  Aren't they exquisite? I love the unique ear wire and the glimmer of gold between the two pearls. They are priced at $42.99. Click the following link for more details: Ivory Freshwater Pearl and 14K Gold-Filled Earrings.

The following necklace and earrings set is a stunner and showcases her work in copper. Dramatic faceted Druzy Agate slabs are used, with the largest in the center, along with brushed copper beads to provide the perfect accent and contrast. The earrings are also brushed copper with teal beads. They do not compete with this bold necklace, but complement it perfectly in a subtle fashion. This set is priced at $149.00. Click the following link for more details: Tranquility - Freeform Agate Slab and Brushed Copper Necklace and Earrings Set

In these next earrings, Simona has used natural seafoam-green Chalcedony briolettes that are framed in vermeil (gold over silver). They hang from gold-filled hoops with cubic zirconia insets. The overall look is just total elegance! These are priced at $39.99. Click the following link for more details:  Natural Seafoam Green Chalcedony and Vermeil Earrings.

The last piece I will share is another pair of earrings, a personal favorite. First, the gemstone is just beautiful: Aqua Terra Jasper, which has sedimentary inclusions that make them even more intriguing and appealing. In this one-of-a-kind creation, the copper is hammered by hand for an interesting texture and curved slightly, and finished with graceful ear wires. The combination of the blue stones, the inclusions, and the copper is just a perfect match. These are priced at $24.99. Click the following link for more details: Aqua Terra Jasper and Hammered Copper Earrings

Wow, I get excited just looking at her work. Motivated and inspired. I'll close with a quotation from the artist herself:

"I've always looked to find the diamond hidden in the lump of coal or the lustrous pearl buried under the hard shell. Beauty is everywhere. You just have to look for it.  It is that passion to create something beautiful. And having found inspiration in everything that surrounds me, I hope to use my passion to go even further with it every day. Thank you for allowing me to create beauty in your lives. - Simona"

Do explore her extensive line, which I've only given you a small glimpse of, by visiting her site today: ADORA by Simona.


  1. WOW! I am humbled and overwhelmed. Cannot thank you enough, Jacqueline!

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