Friday, March 22, 2013

Crazy Women's Shoes - What Inspired These?

I have to admit that I did a little more than scratch my head when I saw these crazy women's shoe designs. Bizarre. Impractical. Ridiculous. Horrible. All of those words ran through my head as I pondered these shoes and the inspiration that may have been behind them.  I understand that designers are reaching, stretching, always testing the limits. Well, I think in each and every one of these cases, they went far beyond the limits of taste and style and ended up in a no-fly zone! What do you think?

1.  How Do You Feel About Spiders? Well, I certainly would NOT want one entombed in my shoe, along with other insects. Totally gross!

2.  Scuba diving anyone? I thought flippers were for IN the water, not out?

3.  I'm speechless. I don't know what to say about this pair. I guess these are REAL platforms lol!

Source: viaLies on Pinterest

4. How Long Can You Stand On Your Tippy Toes? Exotic skin (fake or not) doesn't help a bit.

5. Adornment Overdone. Some sparkles, even some spikes, may be nice, but not one inch is left uncovered!

Well, that's my top five pick for crazy women's shoes. But, guess what, someone likes them. Someone thinks they are cool. Someone is forking over money for them. Fashion...

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