Saturday, March 23, 2013

DIY Manicure and Save Money on Salon Visits

I promised I would get a DIY manicure post up soon, and I found the perfect article at Something Turquoise that not only outlines The Perfect Manicure step by step, but also includes photos for each and every one! You'll be able to get salon-perfect results with her tutorial.  Save that $10 to $25 a week you have been spending at the nail salon and just go there for special occasions, perhaps when you want some extra special nail art done.

I like that she lays out all the products you will need (tried and tested to deliver great results).  As in my earlier post, Nail Polish Special Effects How To by A Polish Addict, don't waste money on dollar store items here! You want to invest in good quality products.  That will save you from having to redo your nails every few days, and who has time for that anyway?

Prevention goes a long way, so also invest in a pair of gloves for washing dishes (if you wash them by hand), and gloves for doing things outdoors. Take extra care to protect your hands and your manicure will last even longer.

You can read the article here: DIY - The Perfect Manicure by Something Turquoise.  Enjoy your beautifully manicured nails!

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