Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Labradorite and Carnelian Sterling Silver Dangle Earrings

My Labradorite and Carnelian gemstone dangle earrings in gray with orange complement this attractive dress by designer Roland Mouret.  Orange will be a very popular color this spring/summer and this dress is perfect for the office, or lunch or dinner at an exclusive restaurant.  I've added high heeled gray pumps with orange detail, and a fabulous Phillip Lim light gray leather tote bag.  A silver bangle and necklace add the finishing touches to complete the look.

Want to stand out in the crowd? This is the way to do it, in my opinion.  This dress is elegant, classy, sophisticated.  You don't want to draw attention by exposing too much skin...that has an effect of cheapening, not adding value.  Show them you are priceless, ladies!

Orange Dress with Labradorite and Carnelian Earrings

Here is more information on the earrings:  They are 2-1/2 inches in length and the natural gemstones are threaded on a silver head pin, each separated by a silver accent bead.  The ear wire is dot style French. All metal is .925 Sterling Silver. I have priced them at $18.99. You can see them on eBay by clicking the following link: Labradorite and Carnelian Dangle Earrings.

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