Monday, April 29, 2013

Giveaway: Sterling Silver Threader Earrings with Citrine Briolette Beads

These long sterling silver threader earrings are 5.5 inches long in total length, with lovely faceted Citrine briolette bead dangles. All metal used is .925 Sterling Silver. The pale yellow will look lovely this summer and you will be able to wear them with many outfits, both casual and dressy.

This giveaway will end on April 30, 2013 at 11 PM EST. You can enter using the form below. You can come back for more entries if you would like to retweet or perform another action that can be completed more than once.

This giveaway is open to United States residents only, age 18 and older.  Thanks for participating and best wishes!

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What do Trees, Nails and Silver Dangle Earrings Have in Common? Purple!

I think I had purple on my mind yesterday. It started when I saw a picture of beautiful purple flowering trees lining a street. It was absolutely gorgeous and required that I do a little investigating.  I felt they certainly rivaled the pink blossoms of trees that line many streets in the United States, heralding the arrival of spring. via @pinterest

I found Jacaranda City is the informal name for Pretoria, South Africa, where thousands of these amazing trees were planted. A native of tropical and subtropical areas, such as South America and the Bahamas, and has been introduced to many other countries, including Africa. I'm sure the story behind so many of these trees being planted in Pretoria is an interesting one. In any event, it must be something to see in person!

Next, a manicure captured my attention, I believe because of looking at the purple flowering trees. I really I like both the pattern, which isn't too intricate, with elegant gold separating the lilac and purple nail polish.

Picture source:

It was getting a little late for a Sunday night, but I could not resist putting together another set, featuring purple, and featuring my silver dangle earrings with amethyst. 

Amethyst Hearts and Chips Wide Black Pants Set

The earrings use Russian Amethyst heart-shaped gemstone beads and gemstone chips on sterling silver plate (ear wires silver plated copper).  I liked the look of these wide-leg pants, very flowing, and will look superb with heels (purple of course), and I like the bright colors and pattern of the top.  I picked a black choker for the neck and black and silver bangles for the wrists. You can price all of these items by clicking on the link beneath the picture or on the 6 items I've pulled out of the set.  The earrings are $8.99 auction, or $9.99 Buy-it-Now, including shipping and gift bag. 

With that, I turned it in. I can't say I had dreams of walking through purple fields :-)

Friday, April 26, 2013

Silver Hoop Earring with Watermelon Quartz and Linen Shorts Set

My silver plated beading hoops with Watermelon Quartz gemstone chips were the inspiration for this set, that I wanted to keep nice and cool and comfortable. I found this really outstanding blouse with just the print and combination of colors I was looking for and paired them with a pair of not-too-short linen shorts. I choose to pick up the red in the blouse, and not the pink, with the tote bag with red trim.  Many ladies love big purses, and this is a very generous sized beach tote bag by River Island.  Of course, you can use it all around town, not just for going to the beach.

Watermelon Quartz with Linen Shorts Set

I have to admit my mouth virtually fell open when I saw the shoes. The jute covered wedges pulled in the color of the bag, plus matched both the pink AND the red! They were a very fast addition to my set.  I added a simple silver necklace and steel bracelet.

For makeup, I decided to go with bold red on the nails and a pink lip color that leans more towards the red side.  Dark black mascara and a touch of pink and smoky gray on the eyes will finish the look.

You can price all the items by clicking the link directly below the large picture. This set does feature designer clothing and accessories, in particular the steel bracelet.  I've also pulled out some items you can click on directly.

My silver hoop earrings with watermelon quartz are a steal at just $3.49, including shipping and handling. I have placed a link in my sidebar to shop popular items, of which hoop earrings are one of the categories. They are available in a number of colors, so why not pick up a few at such a low price!

I really like this look! Would you wear it?

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Jog or Walk to Lose Winter Weight - Adidas Activewear

Need to shed a few winter pounds? I think most of us have probably put on a few (or maybe not so few) extra pounds from being indoors and less active in the winter. Now that spring has arrived, how about starting a structured exercise program that will get you outdoors? It is recommended by most doctors that you exercise a minimum of 30 minutes, preferably 45, at least 3 times a week.  To reap the most benefit, and really enjoy the nice weather, you may opt to get out daily or 5 times a week, and really push for the 45 to 50 minutes zone - so you burn even more calories, and eventually stored fat. 

You can jog or walk, depending on your current fitness level and any physical limitations. If you have bad knees or fallen arches, jogging will not be an option, but walking will still get the circulation moving, give your cardiovascular system a workout, and burn calories too.  Of course, jogging will yield faster results, but a brisk walk is wonderful too! Here is a link that compares jogging to walking:

Plan a route that is safe and scenic. You may want to vary it so that you do not get bored.  For example, you might select several parks you can walk or jog, as well as tracks at a local school.  Again, keep safety in mind, especially if you will be working out by yourself and pick a place and time where there will be other people around.  It's wonderful to walk or jog with a friend (or spouse) if you can. You'll find the time will go by much faster and you can encourage each other on those days when one of you needs an extra push.

You can exercise in a gym, but there is just something about exercising outdoors, enjoying the sights and sounds.  Even if you do have a gym membership, you may want to add outdoor exercise to your schedule so you will benefit not only physically, but mentally and emotionally as well!

Ready for a Run

In the above set, I've featured Adidas Activewear. You can price all the items on Polyvore by clicking the link below the picture, or click on the individual items I've pulled out of the set. You'll want to be properly attired for your new exercise routine. You could just throw on some old sweat pants and a T-shirt, but I think you'll be extra motivated if you get some gear just for your walks or runs. Have fun! 

Please note you should get the green light from your doctor before beginning any new fitness program, especially if you have any existing health conditions.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

What Will Praise in Heaven Be Like?

I believe Richard Smallwood is an anointed psalmist for this day and age, an extraordinarily gifted and talented composer, musician and singer.  I believe his gifting is so unique, as in the old Testament when we hear of psalmists who led multitudes into praise and worship as they went to worship God.  As I listened to this musical recording on YouTube of a medley of some Richard Smallwood's greatest songs, I just kept shaking my head. What will praise in heaven be like? It will be filled with beauty and glory and worship for Almighty God! This music just touches my soul and makes me feel like I just got a very,very tiny glimpse into the wonderful praise and worship and glory of Heaven. We will be together, male and female, black and white, of every color, out of every nation and kindred to give glory to God, to Jesus Christ, the sinless, spotless lamb of God, who shed his precious blood that we might be saved from death and hell, to spend an eternity with him. What a glorious time that will be!

Enjoy this musical selection:

I'm so thankful to God for saving me, for cleansing me, and making me his child.

Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new. 2 Corinthians 5:17

Brand New in Christ

If you don't know him yet, I encourage you to get to know the Lord Jesus Christ.  One ministry I love is In Touch Ministries, with Dr. Charles Stanley. You can just Google In Touch Ministries. You can watch a message from Dr. Stanley right over your computer. He is 80 years of age (not old) as he stated, and ministers in excellence, a true teacher of the word of God. I believe if you will lend him a little of your time, you WILL hear God speak to your heart!

Have a blessed day!

Friday, April 19, 2013

Giveaway - Silver Dangle Earrings with Sri Lanka Moonstone

Jacqueline's Gems Pinterest Giveaway
US Residents, 18 and over
Drawing 4/20/2013 at 11 PM EST

Celebrating 500+ Facebook Fans

Enter for a chance to win this lovely pair of Sri Lanka Moonstone Earrings in Sterling Silver Plate on Long Kidney Wires.  The Sri Lanka faceted bead is flanked by silver plated accent beads and blue crystal bicones-which complement the lovely blue hue of the moonstone perfectly! 

Silver Dangle Earrings with Sri Lanka Moonstone Faceted Beads and Blue Crystal Bicones

How to Enter

1.  Go to and follow at least the first 4 boards (you can also follow all my boards).
2.   Select 3 jewelry items from the 2nd, 3rd or 4th boards and pin to ONE of your boards.
3.  Add the tag #jacgems to the description for each item you pin.
4.  Email me at jacqgems at gmail dot com with the URL to the board that you pinned to, for example:  Put Pinterest Giveaway in the subject line of your email.
5.  I'll select one winner at random to receive this pair of earrings 4/20/2013.
6.  Enjoy and thanks for helping me to reach 500+ Facebook fans!

Jacqueline Jordan, Camden, New Jersey.  This giveaway is in no way sponsored or endorsed by Facebook or Pinterest.  No purchase is necessary. Open to US residents, 18 and over.

THIS GIVEAWAY HAS ENDED (CONGRATS JENNA). Click on the GIVEAWAY label in my right side bar to see other current giveaways.

Silver Hoops with Labradorite Gemstone Chips, Draped Top and White Shorts Set

The silver plated hoop earrings featuring natural Labradorite gemstone chips inspired this casual set in gray and white.  Labradorite is at it's base color gray, but has wonderful glimmers, iridescence, of other colors, such as blue, green, yellow.  I decided to pair these with V neck top with wonderful draping and white shorts with cuff.  I added white sandals and a large purse in gray, as well as a chunky bracelet.  This look is perfect for going shopping, running errands, visiting friends...anytime you want a cool and casual look.

For those ladies who are a little on the heavier side, this set actually features plus size shorts and the draping on the top is a great concealer. I personally don't recommend skin tight Lycra shirts if you don't have a flat stomach (I really wonder how so many women go ahead and wear them anyway).  I personally prefer a more modest look, so I use the stretch tops for layering and providing more coverage for a top with a low neckline or off the shoulder look, or just to show a contrast in colors, such as red under white.

Labradorite Hoops in Silver

You can price all the items by visiting Polyvore by clicking the link beneath the large picture, or the 6 items I pulled out of the set. My silver plated hoop earrings with Labradorite (premium) gemstone chips are a great deal at just $3.99, including shipping and gift bag. At that price, you might want to get a few colors :-). 

I have to say the gray color in this set matched my mood on today, as I am sure it did most in our country, with Boston and Watertown on lockdown and the search for the remaining bombing suspect taking place throughout the majority of the day.  Yes, it has been a gray day, but it shall be sunny and bright again. The lockdown was lifted, because it simply could not continue, and by the grace of God this man will be apprehended very soon, to our nation's corporate relief.

Praise God, I just said I'm going to check the news before I posted on Facebook, and I learned the suspect is alive, in custody. Thank You, Lord Jesus!

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Birkenstock - Love Your Feet with These Women's Shoes

Sky high heels are everywhere and they certainly are attractive. They lengthen the leg and add height and elegance. But there are also days for Birkenstock.  These women's shoes and sandals will make your feet say "yesssssss!"  If you have fallen arches or any other type of foot problem, high heels may not even be an option for you. This line of footwear is made for comfort, designed to the natural contours of your feet, and also pleasing to the eye. They come in a range of styles and colors. For example, the thong sandal, number 3, is also shown in turquoise blue in the last row.

Birkenstock - Love Your Feet

I included that picture in the middle because these shoes will make you feel like you are walking on grass in a park, not struggling on stilts!  I was actually surprised at the many styles, and I am not showing the entire range. You can find them at such stores as Macy's. You can also click on the link below the picture to price and shop. I like to pull out 6 items you can click on directly.

I saw a video on Youtube of models falling in heels, and I did not find it funny at all. By the grace of God, an ankle was not broken. So, choose your heels wisely. If you are not accustomed to wearing them, don't pick them for an occasion that requires a lot of walking or standing - wear them when you will just the walk to the car and into the restaurant to be seated!

For your casual days and everyday days, choose comfort. These women's shoes are designed with just that in mind! Reserve the high heels (if you can wear them) for special occasions so you don't have back or feet problems in the future and opt for Birkenstock and other casual shoes for running errands, shopping, going to an outside event that requires a lot of standing, etc.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Rose Quartz Long Silver Dangle Earrings with Stretch Bracelet Set

This lovely pair of silver dangle earrings featuring both Rose Quartz gemstone chips and oval beads and matching stretch bracelet inspired this casual set.  Pink jeans with and a lovely sleeveless white V neck comfortable top will put you at ease. I've paired them with white sandals with a bit of a heel, but not a steep incline so they will be comfortable to walk in. Of course, you can swap them out for a pair of white flat sandals.

Rose Quartz Earrings and Bracelet Set

The cute wristlet is a REAL bargain and just big enough for carrying a few necessities. Pale pink on the nails, eye shadow (keep it light) and mascara to thicken the lashes, and a spray of Pure Grace by Philosophy for a nice fresh, clean scent. You can price the items by clicking on the link. Note my Rose Quartz earrings and bracelet are priced at $10.99 for the set, not for each piece, buy-it-now. That listing will be ending in a few hours. I will relist the set at an auction price starting at $10.99, with a buy-it-now price of $12.99, so hurry if you want to save 2 dollars. The price includes both shipping and gift bag.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Aquamarine Dress, Sergio Rossi Pumps and Pearls

The combinations this Tara Jarmon aquamarine dress with ruched sides and small cap sleeves looks so elegant paired with Sergio Rossi platform turquoise peep toe pumps.  I thought white pearls would look stunning against the turquoise and add a classic touch against this vibrant, stylish dress. The drop earrings and bracelet are by Blue Nile and feature white gold, not silver.  I thought having the hair up in a ponytail and off the face be the perfect style to display these gorgeous pearl drop earrings.  This sizzling summer look features all designer clothing and accessories.  The exception is the pearl necklace, which is a steal at less than $15.

Aquamarine Dress and Pearls Set

The exquisite white clutch features a pebbled textured leather and silver tone hardware.  I just had to select the lovely perfume that matched the color of the set, which is Stay EDT by Gap. I have not sampled this myself, but the description sounds perfect...a nice feminine floral scent that is not overpowering. You can click on the link directly below the picture to see the entire set on Polyvore to price the items. I've also pulled out several items you can click on directly.