Friday, April 12, 2013

Amethyst Dangle Earrings and Missoni Tunic Beach Wear Set

I fell in love with this shimmering metallic Missoni tunic in amethyst, emerald and topaz with black stitching at the V neck.  I thought of my silver dangle earrings with amethyst chips and how they would complement it perfectly.  Designer clothing and accessories, such as the Missoni tunic or Christian Lacroix sunglasses, do carry a more expensive price tag. Use your imagination, if your budget will not allow, and make appropriate substitutions.

Amethyst Dangle Earrings Inspired Set Beach Wear

I have always loved the look of a one-piece swimming suit. I think it lengthens your line and gives you a much nicer look that flows, unlike a bikini. A tankini provides more coverage (especially if you are not a size 6). But, even when I was tiny, I always loved a maillot.  The Missoni tunic is a perfect cover up, not only for modesty, but also to help shield you from the sun.  I found these gorgeous wide legged linen pants that look so comfy! I can just imagine renting a seaside home, spending the day at the shore, and slipping these on for the walk to and from the beach, and enjoying spending the rest of the evening lounging about in them.

I've included some simple flip flops (you don't want to deal with fancy sandals at the shore) a tote bag for carrying your essentials (don't forget sunscreen-both for your body and for your hair) and a comfortable beach towel. Sunglasses (yes, black and purple) shade the eyes, and a wide brimmed straw hat with zebra insert adds a touch of fun and practicality.

I would enjoy wearing this tunic and pants anytime...perhaps if I was invited over to a friend's house for a get together. Then I'd simply change to dressier shoes and add a nice silver cuff or bangles and make sure my makeup was perfect.  I didn't show any makeup in this set because you want to keep things minimal at the shore...just a little liner, lip gloss, and perhaps waterproof mascara if you must.

Just click on the link directly beneath the picture to price all the items. I've pulled out a few you can click on to price directly. My silver dangle amethyst earrings are, as always, a steal at just $4.99, including shipping and gift bag. Are you looking forward to lazy days at the shore?


  1. Makes me want to go to the beach! Especially with all this insanity you call weather here in IL lately; today alone we've had sunshine, rain, sleet AND snow o.O

    I do quite love this outfit-Especially those purple pants!

    1. Sleet AND Snow! Oh my goodness! I know you will be glad when you get out of the winter woods. Thanks for commenting Kayla. I enjoy putting together things that I personally like, and I do really like this set myself :-)


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