Saturday, April 13, 2013

Espadrilles: The Perfect Summer Sandal

I absolutely adore espadrilles, those summer sandals that feature a jute covered bottom, often a wedge or platform.  I find them very comfortable to wear and very versatile. I decided to pull out a few selections in different styles and let you pick your faves. I've numbered each one so you can just provide the number of the espadrille sandal you like best.

Love Espadrilles

If you don't have a pair of espadrille sandals in your shoe collections, I highly recommend you purchase a pair. They can go with your jeans, shorts, skirts, sun dresses, and wide leg pants.  The platform and wedge make them very comfortable to wear.  I included one pair of flats, so you can see that they don't always have to be wedges. You can click on the link above to price each of these summer sandals on Polyvore. I've included in this selection designer shoes, so don't get sticker shock! Some are more modestly priced, and, as always, you can shop for deals once you have an idea of the style you like.

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  1. Shooooooes........

    I've noticed that I quite like the wedges myself because they really are super confy!

    I love pair #2 ^.^


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