Thursday, April 4, 2013

Silver Dangle Earrings with Premium Gemstone Chips at Bargain Prices

One way to enjoy a luxury at a bargain price is with my gemstone chips dangle earrings featuring premium, design quality gemstone chips.  I love gemstone chips and they are the primary medium I use in making jewelry.  No two are exactly alike and, depending on the gemstone, you can see wonderful variations in the color and/or pattern. Most importantly, they offer wonderful savings and even those on the tightest budget can enjoy the beauty of natural gemstones.

For example, you may love the look of gray, iridescent Labradorite, but right now cannot indulge in an expensive pair of earrings.  Using gemstone chips, silver plated findings, and silver plated copper ear wires (nickel and lead free), I have made these earrings super affordable, so you can enjoy the gemstone while you save for that luxury item.

Some people just love the look of gemstone chips. I know I do. They are fun to wear and I usually get complements whenever I wear them. Not only have I priced these earrings very low, at just $4.99 to $5.29 (and I honestly can't say exactly how long they will stay at this super low price). I have even included both shipping and an organza gift bag in that price.  So, you may want to purchase a pair for yourself, a pair to give as a gift, or even purchase several to go with different outfits.  I have a number of variations available.  I'll share a few with you now and more at another time...


As you can see above, Labradorite is primarily a silver-gray color. However, it has a unique property called labradorescence and so you can see various color changes depending on how the light hits the stone, the angle of the stone, etc. So you may see blue, yellow, pink, green, and variations of those colors. This uniqueness makes Labradorite especially appealing.


Amethyst is a very popular gemstone that comes in varying shades of purple.  Purple is one of my favorite colors, and apparently I have a lot of company there.  Amethyst belongs in the quartz family and is considered semiprecious because of it's rich violet color. The darker colors are considered more valuable, with the lighter less so.  I have used medium to dark amethyst gemstone chips in my design quality gemstone chip amethyst earrings, while in my regular chip earrings I use the pale chips, hence, the difference in price. If you are a purple lover, or know someone who is, these are a winner!


The last pair I will share today will be Peridot, which is a lovely green color. Not dark and intense, but light to medium. In fact, Peridot is one of the few gemstones that will only be found in green and not have any other hue (such as blue, etc.) due to it's unique composition and belongs to the olivine group of gemstones.  Green will be a very popular color this spring and summer with Pantone naming Emerald green the color of the year. See my blog post:  Emerald: Color of the Year 2013 - How Will You Style It?.  So, one very effective way of wearing green is to incorporate various shades. So, the lighter green earrings can play up a multicolored top that has emerald green as it's primary color.  Or, an emerald green top and slacks can be paired with lighter green accessories, by way of shoes, handbag, and accessories.

I'll be back at a later time to share more.  You can visit my listings on eBay.  Just click the following link: Gemstone Chips Dangle Earrings Design Quality.  Have a great day!


  1. I do quite enjoy gemstone chips as a medium to work with, too! They had such a unique, funky appeal to jewelry because like you said, no one is exactly the same ^.^

    I must say I'm partial to those Amethyst earrings, but I'm a little biased since I LOVE Amethyst. Lol

  2. Color Stone Earrings are an enhancement of beauty, the beauty of a woman or a man is enhanced by wearing earrings or some other kind of jewelries.


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