Friday, April 5, 2013

Happy Friday - What are You Doing This Weekend?

Well, another Friday is here, yippee! And I am so glad that the weather here in New Jersey is warming up some, though there is still quite a chill. I've begun to see spring flowers popping up, some daffodils and a few tulips, which certainly do brighten my day as I take a stroll to the post office or store.  

This weekend I will be working on....making jewelry! I've been so busy working in the area of promotion, I have not had my hands in the jewelry making. So, this weekend, I plan on getting some pieces made up.  I got a suggestion to make silver dangle earrings with gemstone chips in 3 clusters, a nice long length with lots of movement, so that will be a new category.  On the opposite side, someone requested minis, just a few chips for a dainty look, and so that is on the agenda too.

The giveaway is going better than I would have expected! Lots of interest in those Citrine threaders. If you haven't entered, get your name in, there's nothing to lose!

I'm also very excited about some new beads that I have coming in...can't wait to share those creations with you! 

Happy Friday via @pinterest

Enjoy your weekend! May it be both relaxing and productive, perhaps get some things done you can't do during the week, and definitely take some time out for yourself! Be blessed!

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