Monday, April 8, 2013

Large Tote Bags for Shopping, Going to the Beach, including Eco-Friendly

I saw these wonderful large tote bags on The Shopping Bag website (what a fitting name), and thought I would share them with you.  While a small cross-body bag or clutch may be perfect on some days, on others you want, even need, a nice big, roomy bag.  I saw 3 selections on this site that I really liked.

First, they are all very spacious, perfect for going shopping, going to the beach, or being able to stash plenty of goodies if you will be out of the house for a while without having to take more than 1 bag. Going to the thrift store or a produce shop? Big bags are wonderful! While all of these bags can help you go green by using less plastic bags from the store, one bag is actually recycled!

A Little Bag Just Won't Do

The first bag in the upper left corner is actually made out of recycled silver pop cans and mixed with rayon! This eco-friendly bag did get a 5 star review from one user, who was planning on buying a second for a sibling because of it's spaciousness.  It does look very fashionable!  While this bag will set you back about $100, consider that it is a sturdy bag that will last, and is truly a unique piece.

Next, I thought their selection of Fortaleza jute bags, in pretty summer colors, was very nice.  You can choose from teal, powder blue, lime or fuchsia. These would make great beach bags and the price of $29.99 is quite reasonable.

This next bag is plastic (there is still room for plastic, especially if it takes the place of plastic grocery bags). It is super-sized, perfect for going to the produce stand or thrift store or grocery store.  It is priced at $16.99.  All the colors are neutral with different Moroccan-themed prints. Quite lovely, while being practical.

You can click on the pictures above, which will take you directly to each bag, or click on this link: Large Tote Bags from to see their entire collection of bags, which includes some wristlets, as well as artistic tote bags and French market bags.

Have a wonderful evening :-)

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  1. These are adorable! Also would be perfect to carry around in the summer!! I LOVE large tote bags, or as my husband calls them "suitcases" :x lol

    Have a good day, and thanks again for stopping by!!



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