Friday, April 26, 2013

Silver Hoop Earring with Watermelon Quartz and Linen Shorts Set

My silver plated beading hoops with Watermelon Quartz gemstone chips were the inspiration for this set, that I wanted to keep nice and cool and comfortable. I found this really outstanding blouse with just the print and combination of colors I was looking for and paired them with a pair of not-too-short linen shorts. I choose to pick up the red in the blouse, and not the pink, with the tote bag with red trim.  Many ladies love big purses, and this is a very generous sized beach tote bag by River Island.  Of course, you can use it all around town, not just for going to the beach.

Watermelon Quartz with Linen Shorts Set

I have to admit my mouth virtually fell open when I saw the shoes. The jute covered wedges pulled in the color of the bag, plus matched both the pink AND the red! They were a very fast addition to my set.  I added a simple silver necklace and steel bracelet.

For makeup, I decided to go with bold red on the nails and a pink lip color that leans more towards the red side.  Dark black mascara and a touch of pink and smoky gray on the eyes will finish the look.

You can price all the items by clicking the link directly below the large picture. This set does feature designer clothing and accessories, in particular the steel bracelet.  I've also pulled out some items you can click on directly.

My silver hoop earrings with watermelon quartz are a steal at just $3.49, including shipping and handling. I have placed a link in my sidebar to shop popular items, of which hoop earrings are one of the categories. They are available in a number of colors, so why not pick up a few at such a low price!

I really like this look! Would you wear it?


  1. That's a cute outfit. I love the shoes. I almost got those earrings.

    1. Thanks so much! I do like the color of these earrings myself :-)


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