Friday, April 19, 2013

Silver Hoops with Labradorite Gemstone Chips, Draped Top and White Shorts Set

The silver plated hoop earrings featuring natural Labradorite gemstone chips inspired this casual set in gray and white.  Labradorite is at it's base color gray, but has wonderful glimmers, iridescence, of other colors, such as blue, green, yellow.  I decided to pair these with V neck top with wonderful draping and white shorts with cuff.  I added white sandals and a large purse in gray, as well as a chunky bracelet.  This look is perfect for going shopping, running errands, visiting friends...anytime you want a cool and casual look.

For those ladies who are a little on the heavier side, this set actually features plus size shorts and the draping on the top is a great concealer. I personally don't recommend skin tight Lycra shirts if you don't have a flat stomach (I really wonder how so many women go ahead and wear them anyway).  I personally prefer a more modest look, so I use the stretch tops for layering and providing more coverage for a top with a low neckline or off the shoulder look, or just to show a contrast in colors, such as red under white.

Labradorite Hoops in Silver

You can price all the items by visiting Polyvore by clicking the link beneath the large picture, or the 6 items I pulled out of the set. My silver plated hoop earrings with Labradorite (premium) gemstone chips are a great deal at just $3.99, including shipping and gift bag. At that price, you might want to get a few colors :-). 

I have to say the gray color in this set matched my mood on today, as I am sure it did most in our country, with Boston and Watertown on lockdown and the search for the remaining bombing suspect taking place throughout the majority of the day.  Yes, it has been a gray day, but it shall be sunny and bright again. The lockdown was lifted, because it simply could not continue, and by the grace of God this man will be apprehended very soon, to our nation's corporate relief.

Praise God, I just said I'm going to check the news before I posted on Facebook, and I learned the suspect is alive, in custody. Thank You, Lord Jesus!

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