Tuesday, April 2, 2013

The Chanel Jacket - A Tribute to a Timeless Classic

The story behind the Chanel Jacket is quite an interesting one. Coco Chanel, the designer from which this masterpiece originated, actually had a troubled beginning.  She learned the art of sewing from nuns in an orphanage and that skill would serve her well later in life.

In an era where women were constricted in corsets and women's clothing was all but comfortable, Coco Chanel would introduce clothing that allowed women to move with ease and comfort.  Much of her inspiration actually came from menswear.

Who has not heard of the famous perfume Chanel No. 5? While Chanel was a trailblazer in the 1920s with her perfume, she would later prove to be an even greater trailblazer later in life.

After having to close her shops during World War II, she made a bold move in her 70s (yes, her 70s) to reopen her shops after the war ended and again take on the fashion world. What came forth was pure brilliance! Classic lines, exquisite workmanship and fabrics, impeccable details, comfort and style would all become trademarks of her line, and would eventually take the world by storm!

Chanel passed away in 1971. Approximately 10 years later, designer Karl Lagerfeld would take the helm of the company and guide it into a new era. He would take the classic Chanel jacket to new levels, while leaving it's essence intact. Enjoy this video on Chanel:

Fast forward and you see the Chanel jacket updated by Karl Lagerfeld with new details and styling. The Chanel jacket is now even paired with jeans as women of a new generation embrace this timeless classic. Women have found they can repurpose their mother's jacket, or purchase a vintage jacket and it still works marvelously as a wardrobe staple!

Chanel - 2010 http://pinterest.com/pin/569986896559390558/ via @pinterest

Chanel http://pinterest.com/pin/569986896559390577/ via @pinterest

Chanel http://pinterest.com/pin/569986896559390571/ via @pinterest

Vintage Chanel http://pinterest.com/pin/569986896559390497/ via @pinterest

Chanel http://pinterest.com/pin/569986896559390497/ via @pinterest

Chanel - 2013 http://pinterest.com/pin/569986896559390568/ via @pinterest

Chanel Jacket http://pinterest.com/pin/569986896559390530/ via @pinterest

Chanel Jacket http://pinterest.com/pin/569986896559390544/ via @pinterest
Chanel Jacket http://pinterest.com/pin/569986896559390516/ via @pinterest

Well, that ends this tribute to the Chanel Jacket. I hope you have enjoyed it. If you don't own one, perhaps you are inspired to get one, even if that means you pay a visit to your local consignment shop, either online or offline!


  1. Wonderful post! The Chanel jacket is such a classic!

    1. Thank you so much, Pearl, for taking the time to comment. You just made my day :-)


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