Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Black Agate and Shell Pearl Necklace by Adora by Simona

I am going to be featuring some pieces by various artists from time to time, and am delighted to share this necklace handcrafted by a friend, Simona, of ADORA by Simona, an exceptionally gifted and talented artisan. In the last giveaway I asked what people would like to see more of, and one answer was necklaces. My focus to date has been primarily earrings and bracelets, so I picked one of her pieces to share with you.

This regal necklace featuring Black Agate is absolutely beautiful! You MUST visit her site so you can see it in various views. The large 30x40mm Black Agate beads are wavy and highly polished and separated by 14mm shimmering silver shell pearls. It is finished with a large round toggle clasp in bright silver with a pearl and agate drop detail. It measures a total length of 20 inches. This item is priced at $89.99 - you could not come anywhere near that price at the mall or a boutique for such quality!

Click on this link now to see this item in more detail:

My appreciation to Simona for allowing me to feature one of her beautiful creations on my blog!


  1. What an honor to be featured in your blog! Thank you so much, Jacqueline! :)

  2. What an honor to be featured in your blog post! Thank you so much, Jacqueline! :)

  3. This necklace is really beautiful. The agate beads are wonderful!


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