Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Dangle Earrings with Tourmaline Gemstone Chips and Summer Dress with Black Heels

Silver dangle earrings with beautiful natural Tourmaline gemstone chips in various shades and colors perfectly accents this youthful summer dress with a fun zig-zag pattern.  I love the graceful and subtle flare of this dress! The earrings especially pick up the pink, and so I added a lovely mauve clutch to add balance there.  With black being the primary color, I went for black heels and a black bead bracelet.  Any young lady would find this outfit easy to wear, comfortable, attractive and perfect for going out on a date...perhaps to a movie (take a shrug because they are notoriously cold in the summer), dinner or coffee at your favorite shop. 

Tourmaline Gemstone Chips - Can't Wait to See You!

I added a longer silver necklace that has several layers that will complement the scoop neckline.  The makeup complements the pink tones.  You can see the entire fashion set on Polyvore by clicking the link above.

These silver dangle gemstone chip earrings are a superb value at $4.99, including shipping and gift bag. Here is the direct link: Design Quality Gemstone Chip Earrings.  This is a listing of a variety of gemstones, so just arrow down until you see the Tourmaline pair.

How do you like this look?

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