Thursday, May 9, 2013

Floral Printed Jeans in Blue and White Fashion Set

After posting the grouping of printed jeans, I could not resist doing a few fashion sets.  In this first one, I selected #2, which is a floral print, blue on white.  I decided to go with a "dressy-casual" look and so added a white blazer over a simple blue tee with peep-toe white pumps. I thought my Mexican White Opal silver dangle earrings would go great here, and I picked up the silver in the bangle, necklace and belt. Yes, we like to sparkle! A gorgeous bag adds the finishing polish. Shades, a light scent, and makeup completes the look.

White Mexican Opal Earrings - Have Fun

What do you think? I like the finished result. You only live once...lighten up and have a little fun...even if it is just adding a splash of color to your wardrobe with a fun print.  I'll be sharing another set soon :-)

You can price all of the items by clicking the link beneath the picture, and I always pull out 6 items you can click on directly. The silver dangle earrings with White Mexican Opals are bargain priced at $5.99, shipping and gift bag included.

Have a great day!

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