Saturday, May 18, 2013

Red Coral and Howlite Silver Dangle Earrings with Off-Shoulder, Flared Red Dress

This off shoulder dress with a nicely flared skirt was perfect to go with my Red Coral and Howlite Turquoise silver dangle earrings and gemstone chip stretch bracelets in both howlite and red coral. The earrings are silver plated with sterling silver plated copper ear wires (lead and nickel free). 

I added platform turquoise sandals to pick up the color in the earrings and bracelet.  For makeup, well, red is a must for the lips and turquoise blue for the eyes. Don't forget a wonderful scent (apply at your pulse points) and foundation or powder for a flawless complexion.  The model in the picture has such beautiful skin-it is just glowing!  If you are going to wear a skin-baring outfit such as this dress, you will want your skin to be healthy and well moisturized, from head to toe.

Red Coral and Howlite Red Dress Set

This dress is so cute and perfect for a hot summer day.  It is actually called a Catalina dress and the flit and flare skirt gives it a nice feminine silhouette. Because of the bare shoulders, I decided to go for a bold silver choker (from Target). Neither will break your budget! You can price every item in the set by clicking on the link directly beneath the picture, and I always pull out 6 items from each set.

My gemstone chip earrings and bracelets are a superb value. I'll provide direct links below to each on eBay. All prices include both shipping and organza gift bag.

Direct Links:
Red coral stretch bracelet $6.49:
Howlite stretch bracelet $5.49:
Red Coral and Howlite Earrings $4.99:

Do you like this look?

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