Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Giveaway Sri Lanka Moonstone Stretch Bracelet and Dangle Earrings with Sterling Ear Wires

This jewelry giveaway has already started on 6/15 and will run until 6/30. This set is in celebration of reaching 2000 fans on Facebook. One winner will be selected. You will need Facebook for this giveaway as I am using a Facebook application, Giveaway Tab.  Enter using this link:

I have used Sri Lanka Moonstone oval beads and faceted round beads, silver plated accent beads and one 10mm Swarovski clear crystal in each piece. Sri Lanka has a slight blue hue to it.  I was really surprised how it showed the blue when I scanned the set with black in the background. Here are the two pictures:

 All findings are silver plated, with the exception of the ear wires, which are .925 sterling silver. If you would like clip on earrings, I can make that switch (they would be silver plated). The stretch bracelet measures 7-1/2 inches.

Best wishes, please share, and thanks for your support!


  1. thanks for such a nice giveaway-these are lovely! also, super thanks for offering the choice of clip ons (what i need if i win). there are not many clip earrings any more and i have been unable to wear pierced for 19 yrs,lol!

  2. Gorgeous, would love to own!
    Linda W

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  5. These are beautiful!

    I would love them!


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