Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Save 20% on All Individual Bracelets Thru 6/29/2013 - Gemstone Chips, Beads and More!

This week I decided to place all individual bracelets on sale. Save 20% off my regular low prices on an assortment of gemstone chip bracelets and gemstone beaded bracelets when you visit  The stretch bracelets are 7.5 inches and will easily accommodate up to 8-8.5 inch wrist.  If you see something that is out of stock, just message me through eBay and if I have the beads or chips available, I can make it up for you. 

The gemstone chip stretch bracelets are already very low priced at $5.49, so they are a real steal at 20% off.  Other bracelets are priced higher, such as the beaded Tiger's Eye regularly $9.99.   Here are some examples of what is currently available:

Clear Quartz Gemstone Chips with Silver Plated Accent Beads

Rose Quartz Gemstone Chips with Silver Accent Beads

Unisex - Dark Tiger's Eye (no accent beads)
Blue Cotton Cord with Multicolor Turquoise and Blue Howlite 
Red Tiger's Eye Gemstone Beads

These are a sampling of the bracelets currently on sale for 20% off. Again, the sale will run through Friday, 6/29/2013.  I am including free shipping and gift bag in the price of each item.

Visit and search "bracelet" to find them quickly.

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