Sunday, July 7, 2013

New Giveaway Rose Quartz and Faceted "Ruby" Jade Beads Memory Wire Bracelet

New ‎#Giveaway Rose Quartz chips, beads and faceted "Ruby" jade beads memory wire bracelet with Rose Quartz gemstone chips earrings.

I said when I reached 2500 I would put up a random giveaway, and that goal was met today, in fact 2550 right now!  This giveaway will run through next Sunday (7/14/2013) and the winner can select either rose quartz chips on silver plated hoops or dangle style earrings.

You will enter using the this link Jewelry Giveaway.  Please
share this giveaway on your timeline to help my page grow even more. I would love to have 5000 fans within a short time. I may do a small giveaway every least I'm thinking about it.

Thanks to everyone for liking, sharing and commenting. Posting, putting together fashion sets, and looking for interesting content to share takes time, and when I see your interaction it encourages me so much! And I won't even tell you how I feel when I see sales :-)

Please note that the picture of this bracelet was taken on my flatbed scanner, so I think you will be very pleased to see it in person.

Enter the giveaway here:

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