Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Sapphire Jewelry: The Birthstone of September. Take Advantage of Incredible Savings!

Sapphire is such a gorgeous gemstone with it's deep, intriguing blue. It is the birthstone for September.  If you have someone in your life with a September birthday still to come, or that has already passed, or if you are the birthday person and did not get quite what you would have liked, this post is for you!

As an Amazon affiliate I can bring to you a variety of beautiful, high quality items. I personally look for great savings on the products I share. On my Facebook page, all month long I have shared sapphire jewelry.

In this post, I'd like to share a few of my favorite pieces. With express shipment, you can still get a lovely jewelry item in hand before the end of the month and make someone extremely happy!

Sapphire Dressed Up

It's Your Night - Sapphire Set

1.  Earrings and Pendant Necklace. This set includes a beautiful 10.25 carat concave-cut snowflake blue Sapphire pendant and earring set in sterling silver with rhodium nickel finish. It is stunning! The price is even better. The set is on sale for $99, which represents a savings of $200. Shipping is included. This is a created sapphire of very good quality. Shop this item here: Sapphire Pendant and Earring Set

2. Sapphire and CZ bracelet. Gorgeous is the only word I can use. Created sapphire with CZs. Sale priced $139.99 (you save over $235). Shop this item here: Perfect Allure: Pear Shape Blue Sapphire & White CZ Bracelet in Sterling Silver Rhodium Finish

You can price the other items in the set by clicking the link directly beneath the picture. Note that these Amazon products are showing as sold out from Polyvore, which is why I am providing you direct links as they are, in fact, in stock.

Sapphire Dressed Down

Sapphire Jewelry in a Casual Setting

1.  Heart Earrings.  Lovely studs on sale for $39.99 (savings of $40). Shop this item here: Original Star K(tm) 7mm Heart Created Sapphire Earring Studs in .925 Sterling Silver 

2. Heart Necklace.  Created sapphire and CZ. Sale price $79.99 (savings of $120). Shop this item here: Original Star K(tm) Heart Shape 8mm Created Sapphire Pendant in .925 Sterling Silver 

3.  Heart Ring.  This ring is a real bargain at $29.99 (savings of $69). Shop this item here: Dazzling Love 1.75 Carats Blue Sapphire Ring in Sterling Silver Rhodium Nickel Finish Size 5 to 9    

As above, you can view other items in the set by clicking the link directly beneath the picture. Polyvore is showing these Amazon items out of stock, when in fact they are available, so please use the links I am providing.

I hope these two sets have displayed the beauty of sapphire, rather natural or created, and that you can save BIG by being a savvy shopper! Also, we often think of gemstones as simply for dress up, so I wanted to show that they can go casual as well. I hope that I accomplished my goal!

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  1. Love all the sapphire! Such rich color...I have two sister that are the set that you made as well.Living F.A.B.ulously on Purpose

  2. I love how you have shown how to dress Sapphire's up & down.

  3. I love the Sapphire shoes! They are gorgeous! Commenting from Blog Formatting

  4. Lovely pieces and I so like how you presented them working together, Jackie!

  5. That dress is phenomenal! Blue is my favorite color - and I'm in love with both of these looks. Thanks for showing them, and displaying them together!


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