Saturday, November 9, 2013

Citrine and Pearls and the Little Black Dress: Showcasing November's Birthstone

Citrine and topaz are both birthstones for November. Citrine is one of the less expensive gemstones and is known for it's sunny yellow to golden color. In this glamorous fashion set, I selected a pair of sparkling long natural citrine earrings that fall in a cascade of beautiful golden color, ending with the elegance of pearls.

The earrings are in silver. The necklace features citrine and diamonds, set in both silver and yellow gold. I enjoyed mixing both silver and gold in this fashion set. Here is a close up view of the necklace:
The little black dress provides the perfect backdrop for this golden yellow gemstone. Black crinkled patent leather platform pumps with stiletto heels lengthen the leg.

For the wrist, I adorned it with both a citrine and freshwater pearl bracelet, and an all pearl bracelet as well. This mirrors the combination of citrine and pearl in the dramatic earrings. Below is a larger view of the citrine and FW pearl bracelet (note this bracelet comes in quite a few other natural gemstones as well):

The jacket complements the golden jewelry and provides contrast to the black dress, protecting the shoulders from the chill going in and out. A black and golden clutch ties the entire look together.

Here are the shopping links to the items in this fashion set (visit the web site from Pinterest).

Citrine and Pearl Earrings $43.86 (save 105) 
Silver and Gold Citrine Necklace $45 (save 54):
Pearl bracelet A quality $29 (save 51):
Citrine and FW pearl bracelet $40 (save 32):
Crinkled patent leather pumps $28.74:

If you would like to price the clothing, simply click on the picture of the fashion set and that will take you to Polyvore, where you can price (and shop).

I hope you liked this set!

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