Monday, November 4, 2013

Crinkled Patent Leather Platform Pumps with Stiletto Heels...Fashionable and Affordable!

The moment I saw these platform pumps of crinkled patent leather I fell in love with them! They are so stylish and the colors are just perfect. While classic black is one of the colors available, my eye was drawn to the rather unusual and unique selection of orange, green and purple (yes, purple!).

I am a thrifty shopper. I rarely buy designer clothing. So, I next fell in love with the price tag of these patent leather pumps. Could $28.74 really be correct? For this style and quality? Yes, you can get a pair of these lovely stiletto pumps that look like they cost far, far more for less than $30.

Which Shoe? Crinkled Patent Leather Pumps

With such lovely pumps to work with, ideas for fashion sets began to form. My first one featured (you guessed it) the purple.  Here it is:

Purple, Pink and Black Night Out

This set features a pair of the earrings I did for Breast Cancer Awareness month. A donation of 20% will go the American Breast Cancer Foundation when they sell, as well as other selected pink items. Here are the shopping links (visit web site from the Pinterest link for Amazon products):

Pink jade and Swarovski crystal earrings. $9.99 incl ship/gift bag US
Pumps: Crinkled Patent Leather $28.74
Mommy wig 100% Human Hair $24.99:
Shalimar Perfume:

In the next fashion set, I could not resist designer clothing to go along with the orange crinkled patent leather pumps:

Off to Work Orange and Brown

Here are the shopping links (you can click on the pics above to price the other items):

Orange Crinkled Patent Leather Pumps: $28.74
Tahitian Pearl Earrings:
I have to note that the Tahitian Pearl earrings are just exquisite and, while not a low price item, they are currently on sale with savings in the hundreds.

In the next set, I opted to use the classic black platform pumps:

Black Onyx Earrings with Animal Print Dress Black and White

This set features my black onyx earrings with Swarovski crystal in sterling silver plate. They are part of the November sale of 15% off selected items. So, instead of $9.99, they are $8.49, which includes shipping and gift bag. Here are the shopping links:

Earrings: Black Onyx and Swarovski crystals in silver plate $9.99 incl ship/gift bag.
Celebrity Inspired Dress $19.99:
Crinkled patent leather pumps $28.74:
Wrap Bracelet:

Well, those are the 3 fashion sets featuring these fabulously affordable crinkled patent leather platform pumps.  If you would like to price any of the other items I did not pull out, just click on the title (and link) of the fashion set that appears directly beneath the picture.

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