Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Gemstone Chip Dangle Earrings in Sterling Silver Plate - New Penny Auctions

Gemstone chip dangle earrings are one of my most popular items and I have just added 3 styles to the Penny Auction category. Normally $3.49 to $4.99, bidding will start on the below dangle earrings at .01 and the buyer pays $2.50 for shipping. I provide a free organza gift bag.

If you have never participated in an auction on eBay, they are really easy, and plenty of fun, too. First you need to have an eBay account, which is free. I always suggest starting your bidding with your best bid and then eBay will bid on your behalf should there be competition. You always have the option to increase your top bid if you like.

I hope you'll give Penny auctions a try. I am just mailing out today a pair of multicolor turquoise earrings that sold for....1 penny. There was no other bidding on the item, so you might be able to get a lovely pair of gemstone chips earrings for a total of $2.51.

Here are the gemstone chips earrings that I just added.  Each is in sterling silver plate, with silver accent beads at the top and bottom of the chips.

Just click on each picture to go directly to that item. These auctions will be ending on the evening of December 19, 2013.

Blue Howlite in Sterling Silver Plate

Clear Quartz Sterling Silver Plated

Blackstone and White Howlite Sterling Silver Plated

That is the roundup of the most current additions. I'll be adding more penny auctions as I want to build up this category as I have quite a number of fixed price items. You can visit the store at and you'll see until year end I have marked down the majority of items 25% as well. Happy Holidays!

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