Monday, December 2, 2013

Year-End Sale 2013 - Save 25% on Selected Handcrafted Earrings, Bracelets and Sets

I am excited to have just created a new sale, a year-end sale, whereby you can save a whopping 25% on selected items (44 plus), including handcrafted earrings, handmade stretch bracelets featuring natural gemstones, and handcrafted earrings and bracelet sets. The sale will run from 12/2 at 12:00 p.m. EST to December 31 at 11 p.m. EST.

Some items are ALL .925 sterling silver. Other are silver plated with .925 sterling silver hooks, and others are sterling silver plated or gold plated for incredible value. I use natural gemstones, and love working with gemstone chips.

You will find that shipping and an organza gift bag are included in your purchase. Here are a few examples of items being discounted 25% off.

Click on any of the below pictures to visit the store. All sale items are featured top left.

1.  Kidney Wire Earrings. These long earrings are very secure, and popular, and available in a number of gemstones: Black onyx, aquamarine, amethyst, striped turkey turquoise, blue multicolor turkey turquoise, manmade malachite, Sri Lanka moonstone, and others.

2. Gemstone Stretch Bracelets.  These are available in a variety of styles, with silver plated spacer beads interspersed for a unique look, perfect for mixing and stacking with other bracelets. Choose from: fancy jasper, howlite, watermelon quartz, Indian agate, clear quartz and others.  These measure 7.5 inches.

You'll also find premium gemstone chip bracelets, such as Garnet, Malachite and Labradorite. Note larger sizes are unisex (8-8.5).

3. Gemstone sets featuring earrings and matching bracelet.  Some feature .925 silver hooks, others are all silver plated. The description will specify exactly which, such as silver plated copper, which is lead and nickel free.

This is just a sampling of items. Please visit the store at to shop the entire selection. Remember, the discount of 25% still includes free shipping and organza gift bag.

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