Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Jewelry and Fashion Round Up 05/14/2014

Today's round up begins with a bracelet of Red "Ruby" Jade, Red Bicones, Swarovski Crystal in Silver Plate. I am showing it with a summer ready red skirt and red sandals. A jean jacket provides warmth for a chilly evening, or air conditioning in a movie theater perhaps.

The bracelet is $10.99, with free shipping and gift bag. Shop it here:

Second is Black Onyx and Clear and Black Swarovski Crystal Bracelet and Earrings in Sterling Silver Plate, shown with a designer black and white fashion set. I particularly like the various patterns that attract the eye and command attention. I'm changing the gold to silver in the accessories.

This onyx bracelet and earring set is priced at $13.99 with free shipping and gift bag. Shop it here:

Third, is a Red Aventurine Gemstone Beads and Chips Long Earrings and Stretch Bracelet Set. This is actually orange (not red) in color. I love this long orange maxi skirt and thought the earrings and bracelet would complement it nicely. A simple white tee is cool and bright. Bare sandals and a hat to shield against the sun complete the look.

This set is priced at 12.99 with free shipping and gift bag. Shop it here:

Last, the birthstone for May is Emerald and I thought these created Emerald and created White Sapphire earrings in sterling silver were elegant. They are part of the Amazon Curated Collection. While you might picture a gown with this earrings, I instead show a lovely green dress that floats around the body. These earrings would be a perfect match and are not too dressy for the dress :-)

The earrings are $60 (regular price is 159) with free shipping. Shop them here Created Emerald Earrings

That's all for today. I hope you enjoyed the round up.

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